Elevate the

Seamlessly find, diligence, execute and manage  
private investments on one platform.

Our Mission

“ROYC’s mission is to help generate Return on Your Capital. We do this by serving private wealth market investors with the tools to access and manage the best private funds and by working with asset managers to expand their reach into the European private wealth distribution ecosystem.”

Mathias Leijon
ROYC Founder & President

What We Do


Sourcing & Due Diligence

ROYC continuously identifies, performs due diligence and provides access to top tier managers across asset classes
We provide customized solutions for you to offer unique investment opportunities to your end-clients
Picked either by ROYC or requested by client

White-Label Digital Interface

Investor portal
We provide the tools and resources needed for you to offer your clients the full potential of private markets investing
Admin portal
Administration of your client base
Fund raising management and tracking

Fund Structuring

Formation and management of Lux based feeders tailored to the needs of European PWM market
Single-manager feeder funds
White-label multi-manager fund programs
Direct / Co-investments
Min. 100,000 EUR investor tickets

Fully Digital Operations

Professional assessment
KYC & Onboarding
Multiple investor types/entities & nominee
Subscriptions, Capital calls & Distributions
Reporting & Accounting
Management & Tracking


Leverage ROYC’s platform as a distribution channel for your investment offerings
Leverage our digital platform to market your funds throughout the ROYC distribution network of financial advisors, wealth managers, banks, foundations and MFOs
End-investors are co-mingled into ROYC feeder funds (Lux RAIF), with minimum tickets down to €100,000

PWM Fund Raising Solutions

ROYC platform enables easy management of fundraising without additional in-house operating resources
Bespoke feeder fund(s) to capture selected client segments. Investors co-mingled into the feeder and ROYC becomes a single LP into your master fund
Investor onboarding, KYC, data-room/marketing, digital subscriptions, client aggregation, capital calls, distributions, administration, fund accounting and reporting is streamlined and seamlessly handled digitally on the ROYC platform

Fully Digital LP Portal

ROYC platform as your full LP portal, white-labelled and fully customizable to your preferences
Digitize and centralize all your LP-related private markets investments and management activity by configuring and white-labelling the ROYC digital platform for your existing and new funds (full LP lifecycle management)
Structure agnostic through API integration and data transfer automation from your existing and new administrators and other fund solution providers into the ROYC accounting / reporting engine
Easy integration into existing mid/back-office systems