One Single Platform As
Your Long-Term Solution

Modular and robust system architecture able
to scale with our clients over time.

Key Features

Adaptable for you and your clients
Modern and easy to use
Highly secure
Scalable and automated workflows
Cloud-native with flexible deployment options

Investor Portal

White-label & customizable end-user interface
Fully digital end-to-end investment management
Complete client portfolio view
Embedd into your existing client/advisor portals
Direct and nominee structures
Supports self-service, advisor-led and discretionary work flows
Onboarding of existing investments

Admin Portal

Full control and overview of your client base
Fund raising management & tracking
Segmentation and access right management
Your own secure and encrypted database
Onboard existing client investments

Portfolio Analytics

Scenario modelling and forecasting
Portfolio and investment program construction
Portfolio liquidity management
Risk analytics

Our Tech

“We build software that's overly powerful yet uniquely simple. Our cloud-based architecture is built to scale with clients over time and provide seamless integration via plug-and-play APIs and white-labelling.”

Oliver Dolan
ROYC Chief Technology Officer